FULL POWER DELVER – *15th* at Legacy Masters 2018

“If Team America could play Lightning Bolt, it would be the best deck ever.” – Me sometime in 2018 My testing for Masters consisted of three things: Mark Rippletoe’s Starting Strength program; Watching Black Hawk Down and Blade Runner 2049; and Coming up with a myriad of BUG Delver + Lightning Bolt decks while pretending… Continue reading FULL POWER DELVER – *15th* at Legacy Masters 2018

Long Live the King – Why YOU Should Bring Miracles to Legacy Masters 2018

For us Aussies, the biggest Legacy event of the year is right around the corner, and as you can guess, a question that is commonly floated amongst circles is: what should I play at Masters? Whilst I won’t be there myself, my answer to the question is always the same: you should play Miracles, the… Continue reading Long Live the King – Why YOU Should Bring Miracles to Legacy Masters 2018

The Salt Mine Episode 17: GP Seattle Analysis and “What Happened to ANT and D&T?” feat. Michael Webb

The Salt Mine finally return, this time with Melbourne ANT specialist Michael Webb in their wings, analysing where the metagame’s moving post-GP Seattle, the perceived under performance of ANT and Death & Taxes and what they’re looking to play for Australia’s upcoming Masters event.

Rugved’s Preordain Miracles Article:

Jim Davis’ Miracles Primer:

Blue Waffle (NSFW):

The ultimate Zealous Persecution – Thomas Hertzog (Maverick) vs. Ben Weinberg (RUG Delver):

Our good friend, Cyrus Corman-GIMM:

Steve’s D&T list:

Non-Creature Spells: (14)
4 Æther Vial
1 Sword of Body and Mind
1 Sword of Fire and Ice
1 Umezawa’s Jitte
4 Swords to Plowshares
3 Spectral Procession

Creature (23)
4 Phyrexian Revoker
3 Flickerwisp
2 Mirran Crusader
4 Mother of Runes
1 Recruiter of the Guard
2 Serra Avenger
3 Stoneforge Mystic
4 Thalia, Guardian of Thraben

Lands: (23)
3 Karakas
12 Plains
4 Rishadan Port
4 Wasteland

Sideboard: (15)
2 Cataclysm
2 Containment Priest
2 Council’s Judgment
3 Ethersworn Canonist
1 Holy Light
2 Path to Exile
2 Rest in Peace
1 Surgical Extraction

Mono-Blue Painter primer from the The Library at Pendrell Vale:
Part 1: https://thelibraryatpendrellvale.com/a-brief-history-of-modern-painting/
Part 2: https://thelibraryatpendrellvale.com/the-painters-palette/
Part 3: https://thelibraryatpendrellvale.com/a-broad-canvas-of-options/
Part 4: https://thelibraryatpendrellvale.com/legacy-league-with-blue-painter/

Team America “Inside the Deck” feat. Dan Signorini:

Maverick “Inside the Deck” feat. more Dan Signorini