The Salt Mine Episode 2.2: Interview with Eternal Masters Winner Patty Robertson and Tournament Round-Up

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Welcome to the second half of episode two of The Salt Mine! In this segment we interview Patrick Robertson, winner of the Legacy portion of Australia’s Eternal Masters event, and gain some insight into his experience crushing in Legacy and winning a Mox Ruby. We also discuss our own experiences (or misfortunes, or whatever) throughout the event and be generally salty. Enjoy!

Check out Patty and the rest of the GastMTG crew on their site:

Patty’s old-ish (though still relevant) article about Sneak & Show:

You can also check out Riccardo’s Melbourne Legacy League that we mentioned; feel free to join if you’re interested and in Melbourne!

Check out Legacy Top 8er Mase’s GUF Werribee, and visit if you’re nearby:

And per usual, check out the Melbourne Weekly Legacy Group for those in the area and ready to jam!

Songs featured in this episode, in order of appearance:
“Things Don’t Seem” by Australian Crawl
“Show and Tell” by Al Wilson
“Tremolo +A” by Ling Tosite Sigure

Contact us via
Twitter: @SaltMinePodcast

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