The Salt Mine Episode 4: B/R Announcement Discussion and Building a Legacy Scene feat. Dice_Box from The Source!

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Another episode! On this episode we recruit Robert “Dice_Box” Pierson, moderator on Legacy forum The Source and Brisbane scene regular to discuss the recent lack of bannings or unbannings, how to get your local scene flourishing and the usual banter – including discussing beer, Legacy drinking games and more. Enjoy!

The announcement of no bannings or Unbannings:

Results from the Japanese Banlist Format Matt dicussed:

If you don’t know what VB, XXXX or Foster’s are…

Weekly Legacy Screenshot!


Sean’s 12 Rabble:

Creatures: (24)
4 Goblin Rabblemaster
4 Hanweir Garrison
4 Imperial Recruiter
4 Magus of the Moon
4 Simian Spirit Guide
1 Scab-Clan Berserker
1 Pia and Kiran Nalaar
1 Phyrexian Revoker
1 Avalanche Riders

Non-Creature Spells: (16)
4 Blood Moon
4 Chalice of the Void
3 Chrome Mox
3 Trinisphere
1 Umezawa’s Jitte
1 Sword of Fire and Ice

Lands: (20)
4 Ancient Tomb
4 City of Traitors
1 Hanweir Battlements
3 Cavern of Souls
8 Mountain

Sideboard: (15)
3 Leyline of the Void
3 Fiery Confluence
2 Sudden Shock
2 Ensnaring Bridge
1 Chandra, Flamecaller
1 Faerie Macabre
1 Goblin Sharpshooter
1 Koth of the Hammer
1 Manic Vandal

Raffaele Forino’s article discussing Shops and destroying Sacred Cows:–Martello-Shops-And-3rd-Place-At-Vintage-Champs.html

The Powerless Eldrazi list that came second at Eternal Extravaganza!

Weekly Legacy in Melbourne:

Legacy MtG in Sydney:

Legacy Tuesdays in Brisbane:

New Zealand Eternal Magic (info about the New Zealand Eternal Event should be here!):

Steve’s card alterer/artist

Songs featured in this episode, in order of appearance:
“Hello” by The Cat Empire
“Berserk Warrior” by Mental As Anything

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