I’ve Got Souls: An Esper Delver Primer by Max “Maxtortion” Gilmore

The last article I wrote discussed “Nonbos” in Magic, and went pretty in-depth about the inclusion of Swords to Plowshares in a deck with Delver of Secrets. In the article, I cited an Esper Delver list that was playing very well for me. Fortunately, it has continued to do so! As the relative popularity of… Continue reading I’ve Got Souls: An Esper Delver Primer by Max “Maxtortion” Gilmore

The Salt Mine Episode 15: GP Vegas Wrap-Up feat. Alex Jay Chen and Ethan Gaieski of Team Mongoose

Welcome dear listeners to another episode of The Salt Mine! On this episode Steve, Sean and Matt are joined by streamers Alex Jay Chen and Ethan Gaieski to talk about GP Vegas. They banter about the results, Alex and Ethan’s runs, as well as a variety of other topics, such as where Alex and Ethan see themselves with Magic, the nature of content creation and the typical ragging on Sneak & Show. Enjoy!

Ethan Gaieski’s GP Montreal Top 8!

Alex (Grixis Delver) vs. Tom Ross (Infect)

Alex and Ethan’s stream!

Andrew Calderon’s interview by Thraben University:

Trent Clarke’s 4c Control Report:

Who is PewDiePie? Here is PewDiePie’s YouTube channel:

Josiah’s tournament report:

NLG Dandenong Eternal Weekend metagame breakdown:

Songs, in order of appearance:
“Viva Las Vegas” by Elvis Presley
“Fuckin’ Problems” by A$AP Rocky feat. Drake, 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar

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Putting the Aggro Back Into Loam: Part 2 – Naya Loam at Eternal Masters

Hello again, Juzamjimjams here. To preface the second instalment of this series I’d just like to thank everyone for the feedback on my previous article – it was incredibly encouraging and it has definitely inspired me to continue producing content. The purpose of this article is to recap my experiences at the Australian Eternal Masters… Continue reading Putting the Aggro Back Into Loam: Part 2 – Naya Loam at Eternal Masters

NLG Dandenong Legacy Masters Metagame Breakdown

Hello everyone welcome to… Another big metagame breakdown! I’ll be running through the monstrous Legacy event that occurred in NLG Dandenong as part of their Eternal Weekend. This will be a preliminary breakdown – expect a more detailed analysis, with matchup win percentages and etc., in the weeks to come. For now a broader picture… Continue reading NLG Dandenong Legacy Masters Metagame Breakdown