The Salt Mine Episode 2.1: GP Columbus and Prague Discussion

Welcome to the second episode of The Salt Mine! In the first half of this two-part episode we roundup the two Legacy GPs in Columbus and Prague, that occurred over the weekend of June 10-12, bantering about the interesting decks and cards that made appearances.

Also, warning, Steve experienced some mic problems on this episode, so there’s a bit of crackling towards the end of the episode. However, we’ve remedied this in future episodes (he bought a new mic), though hopefully it’s endurable for this episode! Much apologies!

Follow our along our discussion of decks by looking at MTGTop8!
GP Columbus:
GP Prague:

Catch The Brainstorm Show, the cast we mentioned that features GP Columbus Top 8er Wilson Hunter! You can hear their discussion of their Columbus experience in their most recent episode.

You can catch Sean’s long-winded RUG Delver primer on The Gray Merchants website.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Check out the Melbourne Weekly Legacy Group if you’re in the area and keen to play some Legacy!

Song featured on this episode, in order of appearance, are:
“Death to Los Campesinos” by Los Campesinos!
“You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate
“Evie” by Stevie Wright

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The Salt Mine Episode 1: Eternal Masters, EMA and Shit-talking

Welcome to the first episode of The Salt Mine! Four ANZAC lads talk about the Australian Eternal scene, discussing the upcoming Eternal Weekend tournament and their deck choices and give their thoughts and criticisms (mainly about crappy art) on the Eternal Masters set just released. All while making make fun of each other. Of course.

Melbourne’s weekly Legacy Facebook page:

Songs, in order of appearance:
“Solid Rock” by Goanna
“Vice Grip” by Parkway Drive

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